Naturally 7 Aim To ‘Keep’ The Audience ‘Satisfied’ On ‘Arsenio’

Naturally 7 On Arsenio

Those already familiar with Naturally 7 know that the a cappella group is the best thing since Take 6 when it comes silky harmonies served up with a side of soul. But for those not already in the know, the guys of Naturally 7 got a chance to showcase their talents when they took the stage on The Arsenio Hall Show. Though I'm not sure why exactly they're performance of their track "Keep the Customer Satisfied" was dedicated to children with autism worldwide (the crew has many more songs that would've been a bit more...appropriate), the septet wowed the crowd with their intricate harmonies and dulcet tones. While the crew might not have released anything new in a minute (their last album was 2012's Live), the performance was a great reminder of exactly what they're capable of and a good way to get music fans hungry for more of they have on their menu. Get yourself some of their musical satisfaction when you press play.

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