Raleigh Ritchie Taps The Internet To Add Some Color To ‘Black And Blue’

Raleigh Ritchie And Dog

British import Raleigh Ritchie has been making quite the noise with his moody introspective alt-R&B sound. It's fitting, then, that the singer linked with Cali-based outfit The Internet when it came to remix songs from his two EPs, The Middle Child and Black and Blue. The result is Raleigh's new mixtape Black and Blue Point Two, which consists of four remixes helmed by Syd the Kid and Matt Martians, as well as one new track.

While we've already shared our thoughts on original track "The Chased," the remixes deserve to be acknowledged as well. Syd and Matt were perhaps the best choice to put some added stank on Raleigh's track, as The Internet's aesthetic lines up quite nicely with the style that Raleigh's already established. In their hands, tracks like "Stay Inside" become a slightly jazzy lament infused with an 808 bump that'll keep heads nodding and "Free Fall" floats in a slow moving synth ocean, allowing the depths that the lyrics plumb to be felt in its hazy waves. Based on the chemistry showcased here, we can't wait to hear what original material might result should the two parties ever link up to create some brand new material. While we contemplate what could be, you can listen to Black and Blue Point Two right here and snag a free download of the EP from Raleigh's website.

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