‘Step Into’ Blank Paper’s ‘Office’


All my experiences with being in an office setting have been less than stellar. The suffocating smell of printer toner, phones ringing off the hook at all minutes of the day, the frigid air conditioning this side of a meat locker. Oh, and paper cuts. Lots and lots of paper cuts.  Yet after listening to Blank Paper's seedy synth come-on "Step Into My Office" it's clear that I have been living the office life all wrong. The song's lyrical set-up borders on it being the premise of a sleazy "Skinemax" porno, but if you're not dwelling too much into the gutter, the New York quartet go for something a bit more stylish as their debut track from their upcoming second EP is a mind bend of a future R&B track that is as sensual as it is briskly funky in an '80s kind of way. While I won't be getting into any shenanigans at my day job (I keep telling myself that...), it's still nice to divert the mind into a track like this and imagine something beyond water cooler chatter.

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