Will James Fauntleroy’s ‘CPR’ Give You Life?

James Fauntleroy KAWS

James Fauntleroy continues his streak of acoustic leaks with his latest track "CPR." Like previous song "I Don't Wanna Be Alone," "CPR" is a heartfelt musical exercise that simply features James and a guitar as he sings of the complications that love often brings. This time around, though, he sings of a love unrequited and overwhelming for him, to the point that he might need a bit of resuscitation. James' heart-on-his-sleeve style of songwriting lends itself well to the stripped rawness of his acoustic arrangements here, luring us in to see the tenderness of his lyrics. There's still no word on what Jame's recent releases mean as far as an EP or album is concerned, but even if all these tracks are simply one-offs, we're happy to be treated to his talents.

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