D’Angelo Joins Twitter, But Keep Your Thirst In Check


Not since Prince joined Twitter last year have soul music fans had much of a reason to get excited about an artist joining the social network. Until today, that is. That's because the reclusive soul superstar D'Angelo has finally jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. Well, sorta kinda. Although this is the "Official D'Angelo Twitter," it is clearly stated on his verified page that the "tweets are not by D'Angelo himself." In other words, keep your D'Angelo Twitter thirst to yourself, ladies and gentleman, because the team running his Twitter page and supplying us with news and updates are not here for your online shenanigans, DM propositions and endless questions about when his new music is coming.

But maybe, just maybe, with the appearance of this D'Angelo Twitter page that means that there's some new music actually and factually on the way soon. Because why create a Twitter page now? He's done so long without, why the urgency all of a sudden? Especially days after his big interview with Nelson George for the Red Bull Music Academy.  Wouldn't it have made more sense if this Twitter page had been up and running before that interview? Our inner conspiracy theorists think that something is afoot. We'll be the ones stalking his Twitter page to find out.

D'Angelo [Twitter]

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