Jaguar Wright Returns With A ‘Choice’ New Song

Jaguar Wright Beige Headwrap

Since taking a bit of a break from the musical spotlight, it appears as if Ms. Jaguar Wright has brought her stellar vocals back for all to enjoy. After the release of her two albums Denials, Delusions & Decisions in 2002 and Divorcing Neo 2 Marry Soul -- plus a notorious third album that was permanently shelved when MCA folded in 2003 -- we've seen extensive touring from the singer, the creation of her band, The Wright Experience, unofficial single releases and appearances on albums like Al Green's Lay It Down, but no official album releases since 2005.

Hopefully her lovely new single is a sign of things to come. Premiered via SoulTracks, "My Choice" showcases Jaguar's stellar vocals over light synths, drums and dreamy guitars while she sings in depth about the decisions that keep the love between her and her lover alive -- despite his shortcomings and her blind dedication. It's a nice springtime type of slow jam for Sunday mornings that leaves me anticipating more music from this unique talent.

Check out the song here and leave your thoughts. So is Jaguar back?

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