Steven A. Clark Is A ‘Lonely Roller’


We haven't talked about Miami singer-songwriter Steven A. Clark around these parts, but believe me, we're correcting the error now. Hearing Clark's latest single "Lonely Roller" reminds me a lot of the R&B croons I heard back in the '90s (Boyz II Men, Jodeci, Seal, etc.). The way Clark's voice flows over the broodingly lovelorn lyrics and melds with the guitar riffs and a craving female supporting voice -- just sublime.  It captured me right from the start and though Clark's been at this for awhile (he was dubbed one of Spin's top 5 artists of October 2012 and has had a few releases out prior), he sounds fresh and new here. Clark's got an instrument on him that's for sure, and more of it and his alternative R&B we'll get to hear as his debut EP, Late, is newly released via Secretly Canadian.

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