Terrace Martin Invites Snoop Dogg & Tone Trezure To ‘Get Stoned’

Snoop Terrace In Studio

May is shaping up to be a good month for new music, with a host of big names dropping singles and albums in the next few weeks. Not one to be left out, Terrace Martin is throwing his hat in the ring with 3ChordFold Pulse, his follow up to last year's 3ChordFold which will feature remixes from that set along with some brand new material. "Let's Go Get Stoned," which features Snoop Dogg (of course) and Tone Trezure, is the set's first single and, if you didn't get it from the name, is a tribute to that sticky-icky-icky. Taking on the role of a much more secular church deacon, Snoop goes gospel as he sings about situations that make him want to sample the green. Tone, on the other hand, plays the role of church choir soloist, adding ample support to Snoop's verses and Terrace provides woozy sax accompaniment.

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