Full Crate & Mar Bring ‘Man x Woman’ To Life

Full Crate x Mar

We reviewed Full Crate and Mar's single "Man x Woman" back in January and now the Island Records-signed duo are back with the visuals. The song, which was already seductive, has a complimentary video featuring the most sensual images of the human anatomy. We see naked women break out of cement blocks and come to life covered in dust before rainwater washes it all away.

Directed by Ruben van Leer and Judith Veenendaal, the video experiments with change, rebirth and death. The unique visuals, with its delicate and beautiful imagery, ends with some more beauty -- Mar with no clothes and holding nothing but sheets in his hands. It's definitely an artsy approach to a hypnotic house track that we can appreciate. Check out the soulful Dutch men in this captivating treatment of "Man x Woman."

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