Wynter Gordon & The Righteous Young’s ‘Everything Burns’ Video Is Fire

Righteous Young Everything Burns 1

Wynter Gordon’s new group, The Righteous Young, is out with a music video for “Everything Burns.” The inspiration for the acoustic folk number is pretty heavy stuff, as Gordon says it’s “a song I dedicate to my Father. I remember the first time the police came to the door looking for you.” It goes on from there, adding, “It was you who set the non-existent bar for me and it was you I was looking for in every man I dated to fill that void.”

Ouch. That rage is evident as the meek whimpers of a broken soul detonate into a screaming catharsis. Visually, the clip seems one part The Blair Witch Project and one part Where the Wild Things Are. It blends jagged cinematography with images of Wynter frolicking through a forest, donning antlers and a floral headpiece and leaving flowers near a cross — a nod, perhaps, to putting to rest the earlier-mentioned anger and her seemingly deceased father. There’s also a few interesting scenes where she is joined by a group of people who are possibly taking part in some sort of cleansing or cult experience.

“Everything Burns” is further proof of Wynter’s chameleon music abilities. Having already secured her spot on dance floors with mega hits “Dirty Talk” and “Til Death,” Gordon continues to experiment and evolve, following the trail she blazed with “Stimela” and the accompanying Human Condition Pt. 1: Doleo EP.

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