Your Love Has Made Tank ‘Stronger’


Tank is making sure he flies high on our musical radars since he has a new solo album coming out this summer. Just a week shy from releasing the video for "You're My Star," one-third of TGT is back with the album's title track "Stronger." After giving us an up-tempo ditty to do a mean two-step to, the crooner switches gears and slows things down for us in "Stronger."

Tank is known for his piano-backed ballads (think "Maybe I Deserve" and "Please Don't Go), and that's exactly what he gives in his new single with a little guitar added in for good measure. The music is one thing, but Tank's impressive vocals and lyrical content are another as he sings this ode to a love that gives him strength. He stretches his vocal cords to belt out, "Now look at me I'm stronger than I've ever been, I'm stronger and it's all because of you." At the end of the song he's supported by a reversed musical track and sings some ad-libs that are swoon-worthy. If the love is as strong as his vocals on this track, then we can believe in it.

So far Tank has released some smooth material so we're actually anticipating the August 12th release of his new album. Stronger is available for pre-order on iTunes with the added bonus of automatic downloads of "You're My Star" and "Stronger." Listen to his new single to see if his voice makes you weak in the knees or gives you strength.

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