Banks Will Have You ‘Beggin For Thread’


The human body is art, and we are schooled of this very fact in Banks' latest video. Although she's released a little more than half of her upcoming album, Goddess, we still have new material to look forward to from the songstress who just debuted the video for "Beggin For Thread." The song, and now the video, nudges Banks into the mainstream with some artsy visuals and equally mysterious audio. Draped in a black lace gown and posing seductively, Banks gets pretty frisky with some nude bodies, who tug on her throughout the video.

With black and white filters and hints of red, the video showcases Banks' sensuality but still maintains a hard edge that makes her unique. At some point one of the naked fellas starts to choke her, but if that's what she's into then OK. Other nude bodies writhe slowly and then move erratically to match the song's tempo from beginning to end, which is captivating and weird all at the same time. At the end of the video a white horse enters the scene and the naked ones all play in white powder while Banks switches it up in another black lace gown. Watch the video, and let us know if you're begging for more because we are.



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