Dive Off Into The ‘Deep End’ With Coucheron, Eastside & Mayer Hawthorne


Yeah, we were slumbering a bit on this two-month-old joint, but there is nothing like the brisk splash of electronic synths to wake us up to what is yet another summer banger to add to the cache. Mayer Hawthorne's presence on "Deep End" is the initial draw as his soulful croons could melt the iciest of sno-cones, but Norwegian beatman Coucheron's '80s New Wave backdrop has Hawthorne slipping on "deal with it" shades and with a little help from Eastside, the three lounge out smooth on this poolside pop trap. If you bypassed this one like us, then dip on over to iTunes to scoop it up so you can be like the cool kids, too.

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