Jagged Edge Gets ‘Hope’ From Fans For Lyric Video

JE Hope Screenshot

Perhaps no one is more excited for the return of Jagged Edge than their loyal and dedicated fans. So it was only right that the R&B quartet called on the fans when it came time to make the lyric video for their latest single, "Hope." Out of thousands of submissions sent in by fans, JE picked 24 finalists to be featured in the video with photos of themselves mixed in with photos of the group during promotional appearances and doing their thing on stage.

The clip starts with a textbook definition of hope before the group shares what hope means to them: YOU. From there, the video is themed like a Facebook profile while it showcases the song's heartfelt lyrics. Some of the fan photos featured are simple selfies, while others are a bit more touching, including families gathered around loved ones in hospitals, fathers holding their precious daughters and brides just before their weddings.

While I'm sure fans are eagerly awaiting the official visual for the track, I'm sure that their one-off performances and this lyric video will tide them over until that arrives.



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