KING Sing The Sweetest Goodbye To ‘Mister Chameleon’

KING All White Smiles

The harmonious trio of women we call KING are back with their latest single “Mister Chameleon.” You’ve already seen them in action performing the live version at the The Lyric & Voila! Gallery and today they’ve released the studio-treated track, which features the sweetest goodbyes you’ve ever heard. Their vocals are just as colorful as their matching single artwork, designed by Donald Ely, and paint a picture of a man who is far from loyal. “I see your true colors, I thought I knew you well, now it’s hard to tell,” they sing.

Just in time for their ESSENCE Festival performance, the audience is definitely in for a treat or three this weekend.  While we still anticipate KING’s follow up to 2011’s The Story, listen to KING show their true colors on their latest single “Mister Chameleon" and be sure to pick the single up on iTunes or Amazon.

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