MNEK Recreates Some Beautiful ‘Magic’ On This Coldplay Cover


It seems that we do a MNEK post every week around these parts (and well, this is actually our second one this week!), but we have good reason to. Clearly it's because MNEK has been knocking it out of the park recently and most things attached with his name have yet to be wastes of precious listening time. The same can be said for his latest homerun, which is a blisteringly beautiful cover of Coldplay's single "Magic" and well worth the visit. Now I haven't listened to Coldplay since probably the Viva La Vida days back in '08, but I can attest that there isn't any remnant of a conscious uncoupling (*cough*) going on with this cover.

MNEK lets the pens of Chris Martin and Co. do all the talking lyric-wise, but as usual he brings a little gospel and a little bit of that grown man soul into the blueprint. His velvety croons just cast cares away as he slips into this song was of his own make. This rendition is not that shiny and new, as he's pulled out a live version for VEVO's The Great Escape Festival about a month ago, but MNEK, being the gracious gent that he is, gives us the gift of pure audio this time 'round, and who needs visuals when you've got peerless vocals painting the scenes for you?

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