‘Oooh,’ You’re Gonna ‘Luv’ Brave Williams

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One of the most heartbreaking splits in R&B this side of En Vogue was the breakup of RichGirl. The group — put together by producer Rich Harrison, known for big beats like those found in Ameriie’s “1 Thing” and Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love” — seemed to be loved by many, but its short-lived success only translated into a few minor hits.

But Brave Williams, refusing to be a casualty on the war against great music, has released her single “Oooh (Luv Ya).” The song is as full of sass (“Coke-bottle body with an ice-cold attitude”) as it is saccharine sweetness (“Never felt something so real, telling you, ‘Oooh, boy, I luv ya’”). The playfulness of the track fits well with the melody’s old-school hip-hop feel, playing up both Brave’s shy-girl sensibilities as well as grown-woman confidence.

It’s a mix that gives “Oooh” an ability to shift eras while showcasing Brave’s malleable vocals, and finds a place comfortably among the likes of Summer Williams“Can’t Let You Go” and Claudette Ortiz’s “Automatic.” If you're "luving" what you're hearing from Brave, then you can grab "Oooh (Luv Ya)" as a freebie from her website.

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