Omarion & Shad Moss ‘Need That Love’ From The Ladies


In case you forgot that Omarion was signed to Maybach Music Group (don't feel bad, at times it seems that they've forgotten the singer is on their roster as well), the former B2K member is here with a new single to remind you that he still has a career. Teaming up with longtime collaborator Lil Bow Wow Bow Wow Shad Moss, Maybach O brings us the 2014 version of a tender love ballad with "Need That Love."

Over a sample of Michael Jackson's "Lady in My Life" that's peppered with hi-hats, snaps, vocal samples and cowbell, Omarion tries to woo a lovely young lady with lyrics like "I'm trying to vibe in you like a swimming pool." So romantical, that one. Shad, on the other hand, contributes a short, profanity-filled verse, letting us know that he "ain't begged for no p---y" in his life and that he knows how to treat a lady, that doesn't really add much to the song but I'm sure he felt added at least 50 points to his street cred.

Still, given that today's mainstream male R&B climate is all about how hoes ain't loyal and men who can't possibly stay faithful, this is practically a valentine to the ladies. Take a listen to the track, and let us know if these two have got what you need.

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