Submotion Orchestra Thinks It’s ‘2L84U’


I can always count on Submotion Orchestra to deliver a soulful groove to submerge myself and vibe out. The seven-piece UK band has mastered the art of fusing together the best elements of jazz, dub, electronica and soul, which results in a perfect soundtrack for anyone who loves good music. For the past two years, the band has been working hard on their third album, Alium, which is set to be released this November.

To give a little taste of what to expect, Submotion Orchestra shared the new single "2L84U," which is nothing short of amazing. Throughout the track, slow and steady drums back up lead vocalist Ruby Wood's sultry voice and then the song finishes with a smooth trumpet solo. The downtempo groove gives a neo soul flair due to the jazzy chords on the keys and Ruby sounds great as usual as she dismisses an ex-lover to the left.

Take a listen to the chill vibes of "2L84U," and head over to SoundCloud for a free download.

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