The SoulBounce Q&A: Day26 Talks ‘The Return’ Of The Group, R&B & Future Plans


SoulBounce: You guys announced that you were getting back together in November, what sparked the reunion?

Brian Andrews: Actually Rob called everybody. Everyone was kinda doing their own thing at the time, and the fans were definitely supporting it. But there was always one common question, which was "Oh we love your music, but when is the group getting back together?" [laughs] I mean I’m not gonna lie, I would’ve said the same thing. But Rob was the one who initiated the first phone call, and when he talked to everybody, everyone was like "Hell yeah! Let’s do it!" So here we are now.

SB: So you took a little hiatus. What were you up to when you weren’t doing the Day26 thing?

BA: Well, like I said, some of us were doing solo projects, like myself, Will and Rob. I have my own record company with developing artists. Willie has a label as well and he’s developing artists. So, you know, just grinding, like the grind never ever stops, but you still move forward. But like I said, when that phone call was made it just made sense.

SB: And what was the difference for you, besides the obvious, in being in a group and then being solo?

BA: The difference for me was being able to look to my left and look to my right and seeing my brothers. I mean, I was always making great music. [laughs]

SB: Of course, of course. [laughs]

BA: Just having that camaraderie and that bond was definitely missing. So that’s something that I can definitely say is the thing I was most happy about.

SB: And I know that you guys recently dropped your EP The Return, it’s called that for obvious reasons cause we’re not slow over here at SoulBounce, but can you talk about why you called it The Return, what that means for you and what you’re most excited about now that you’re back on the scene?

BA: Well, The Return for the name of the EP was for many reasons. Sort of like there was a void, something missing in R&B, and we felt like "yo, this is the return of R&B." Not to sound tacky or anything like that, but we feel like since Day26 there hasn’t been anything like Day26. So it was only right for us to come back and do what we do best, which is put out great music. So that’s something that we were extremely excited about. And as far as being back together, half the EP, like a lot of people don’t know we didn’t really see each other. We all live in different cities and states, so we used technology like ProTools and email to complete this entire project. We were probably together like two or three songs, but after that it was straight email and ProTools. I’m happy things happened that way because it actually brought us closer.

SB: Okay, so it brought you closer because you had to communicate so much?

BA: Not only that, but we were finding out hidden talents so to speak. Everybody knows I engineered and things like that, but when I say we put this project together all by ourselves, we did it ourselves, like entirely you know. From recording, writing, producing, engineering -- everything -- we did it ourselves. Of course, with the help of some great people like Track Sounds, Marcus Divine, my cousin Amir and Jay Reed, but for the most part like this is all Day26. I didn’t know that Willie was an author, he wrote the book for the EP. Just things like that, hidden talents like that, this project brought that out of all of us.

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