The SoulBounce Q&A: Day26 Talks ‘The Return’ Of The Group, R&B & Future Plans


SB: And speaking of the book, first of all what made you release a book?

BA: What made us release the book? Well, it was an idea that Willie brought up. He said, "bro, man I think we should do something totally like off the wall and different, like give the people something different," and I was like, "what do you mean?" And he was like, "what do you think about a book we can attach to the EP?" and I said, "I think that’s genius bro, do it." So he started sending me rough drafts and I’d be like, "oh yeah that’s dope" or "change this" and we came up with a phenomenal storyline which tied into the whole EP. We’re getting ready to actually film the book that’s attached to the EP so you’re getting a short film from Day26 as well really soon.

SB: And what kind of feedback have you received about it so far?

BA: People are loving it. Everybody’s like, "oh my God, I got lost in the book." And the book almost kinda made people want to listen to the music more so they could kind of imagine what’s going on while reading.

SB: So the book is made up of chapters representing each song on the EP. So did you guys write these stories based on your life experiences?

BA: I mean we’re all brothers, and some of us have gone through some of those things and some of us are currently going through those things. But I mean for the most part what we were trying to capture with the music and the book is real-life situations, something that people can relate to. And I’m not trying to toot my own horn again, but I just feel like we did an amazing job putting this together with like nobody guiding us, nobody holding our hand and nobody telling us "oh, you should do this song or that song," we did this all on our own so I’m extremely proud of my group members because we all stood up to the plate when needed.

SB: And back to the music, you recently did a cover of Silk’s "Lose Control." What made you pick that song?

BA: Well, we took a poll and we were like, "hey, Day26 wants to re-do a song, what song should we do?" and "Lose Control" actually wasn’t one of the songs but so many fans kept requesting it. The fans chose the song to be honest.

SB: Out of curiosity, what song did you want to do?

BA: Well, I’m a Silk fan, but I’m a huge Jodeci fan so I would’ve been happy with any Jodeci song. Either group I would’ve been happy, but I’d have to get down with Jodeci.

SB: Okay, good to know. And it sounds like y’all lost a little control later because your single is called “Bulls#!t.” And what inspired that?

BA: Well, you know we live in a day and age where these hoes ain’t loyal. [laughs] I mean it is reality. I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to, everybody goes through some bulls**t at one time or another. I didn’t write this song, Rob actually came up with it because he was going through some bulls**t and he brought it to life. Everyone in the group was like yeah, everyone can relate to it, we’ve all gone through it.

SB: Cool, tell me your crazy story that could be considered bulls**t?

BA: [silence] I don’t know if I can say all that. I don’t know who might be reading or listening. I’ll pass! [laughs]

SB: That’s hilarious. Hey, you can’t knock me for trying.

BA: You tried it. That’s some bulls**t right there!

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