The SoulBounce Q&A: Day26 Talks ‘The Return’ Of The Group, R&B & Future Plans


SB: [laughs] Literally! So you guys came out on a reality show. Reality shows have evolved since then, if you were to have one now what would it be called and what type of shenanigans would you get into?

BA: I feel like there should be a camera on us 24 hours a day, seven days a week and everything else. There’s never a dull moment with this group, ever. Honestly if the cameras were on us as much as they should be you’d think Day26 was awesome, there’s so much going on.

SB: So what would you call the show?

BA: Aww man, that’s hard. It’d definitely have to be Day26: The Return or Day26: Uncovered.

SB: Or Day26: The Return of the Macks. Maybe?

BA: [sings] "Return of the mack. You know what it is. Return of the mack. Oh my god!" He said something, something, something – what did he say right there?

SB: I have no idea, I’ll have to look that up. [laughs] And also I want my 10% when you create the show and call it Day26: The Return of the Macks.

BA: Aww s**t, I knew there was something. [laughs] See, Black folks are always trying to get over, that right there.

SB: So now that you have new music, you probably want to tour, what’s next for you guys?

BA: Definitely get the tour in our plans, as of right now there’s nothing solid, but we definitely want to get out. Shoot more television, and we’re actually getting ready to start on an actual Day26 album. I’m excited to start on that, just keep grinding.

SB: Do you think shows like Making the Band should continue?

BA: Ugh. I think the music business is getting oversaturated because I think everyone’s doing it. I think any and everybody is doing it, and everybody’s getting famous. I think we first need to get past it -- and I’m not knocking anybody that does it -- I just think a lot of people don’t know the struggle and the grind. You have a reality TV show, and it seems like everything happens overnight, but a lot of people don’t know that I had a deal before making the band. Willie had a deal before making the band. Rob had a deal before making the band. The grind didn’t start with Making the Band, but a lot of people their grind is with reality shows and YouTube videos, I mean that’s a grind in itself, but when you’re just kinda blessed with a television show, you can’t go wrong, but there’s no struggle.

I’m kinda happy that we did the EP the way we did it. I don’t feel like people took us as serious as they should’ve, but with them knowing that Day26, this is all of us, we did this with no help from anyone -- no Diddy, no cameras, no nothing. We’re making all this come true ourselves. People are taking the music a lot more serious and looking at us like we’re the real deal. We’re not a fly-by-night group, yes we were put together on television but that was God, destiny. That was in God’s huge plan of life. But I feel like this group is definitely a group that will go down in history as one of the greatest groups, I’m not just saying that as a member, but I witnessed things some people don’t even know. My group members are so capable of so much, and I’m so proud of them.

SB: We can’t wait to see more from you guys. What advice you give to other artists who are trying to get in the music industry and want to maintain longevity?

BA: Well, first and foremost I look to God and remember that all things are possible through Him. And always remember that your dream is your dream, you know, and nobody can understand your dream the way that you understand it. So don’t let anyone deter you from your dream. God gave that to you, not your father, not your grandmother, not your home girl, so keep at it and keep hustling. It may not happen when you want it to, but it always happens on time because God’s time is always right.

SB: Right. Won’t He do it! And our last question is what makes your soul bounce?

BA: I’d have to say just great music, I was listening to Jagged Edge’s new single the other day, and I’m so happy they’re back together. I grew up on it you know, so just great music.

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