Beyoncé & Jay Z Are Still On The Run In ‘Bang Bang: Part 1’

Beyonce & JayZ Bang

Just in case the pregnancy rumors and Nicki Minaj appearance wasn’t enough bait for you to tune into HBO’s exclusive broadcast of The Carters’ On the Run Tour concert special this weekend, Beyoncé and Jay Z are slowly unleashing a three-part short film that they’re calling Bang Bang to hold your attention. If you attended their stadium-blazing show this summer then you have already seen much of this footage, but these two spotlight-hoggers insist on highlighting this stunning work by filmmaker Dikayl Rimmasch one more time for good measure. Similar to their faux-movie trailer for "Run," this short film finds the two lovebirds playing outlaws in the deserts of California. Press play and check out part one of this trilogy, while we all wait for the real show on HBO this Saturday at 9 pm.

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