Ella Eyre Takes Us ‘Home’

Ella Eyre Home Still

British songstress Ella Eyre has been consistently impressing us with her powerhouse vocals and diverse sound. Ella recently gave us a taste of sweet revenge in the explosive visuals for her upbeat and bold single "Comeback." Now Ella shares a softer and more vulnerable side with a stripped-down version of her single "Home" for Vevo Lift UK.

In the video, Ella's voice is mesmerizing and graceful as she performs the song in a beautiful Gothic cathedral. She opens the first verse of the song softly with just a piano and two violins backing her as she emotionally sings about her chosen place of comfort. By the end of the second verse, the full band and supporting vocals are in full swing, adding a bit of gospel during the refrain of the song where they sing, "Take, take me home to the place I know." Some may wonder about her choice of venue, but I feel that performing in a church is fitting for a song about seeking refuge. Plus, the acoustics of a live band, small choir and strings resonated wonderfully in the elegant space.

The stripped-back song and visual for "Home" are only a taste of what Ella Eyre has in store. If you like what you hear, you can head over to iTunes to purchase Ella's current singles and EPs.