Georgia Anne Muldrow Puts ‘Pop Iconz’ On Blast


The argument is often made that less is more, but Georgia Anne Muldrow is calling out those who don fewer threads and produce music many consider bad art in her track "Pop Iconz."

Specifically set in her sights seems to be rapper Nicki Minaj. Her video for the over-the-top ode to bottoms, “Anaconda,” recently broke the 24-hour record for most online streams shortly before she "suffered" (or faked?) a wardrobe malfunction during her performance at August's MTV Video Music Awards.

But Muldrow's "Pop Iconz" video offers a simple food-for-thought response, featuring her covered nearly head to toe and in various point-of-views as she poses and spits her fierce lyrics. Both emphasize her message (though her outfit could be interpreted as "holier than thou" attire, and fittingly so!) on this track, which hits quickly in regards to length, much like “Dimension,” but carries the rawness of her verses like what was found in “These Worlds.”

"Rap about the trap 'stead of kneeling to God / Rap about their back 'stead of freedom through art / Rap about their cheese in a wig from a doll,” she flows. She continues, putting forth familiar ideas about music stars as role models, the difficulties of being a parent in a hyper-sexualized society and blacks holding little control of the music industry. “Your lips are being used black swan / Like a pawn," she adds.

It's deep stuff to be sure, and likely not inspired solely by the conversation Minaj's derrière has brought to the table. Plenty of female pop, rap and R&B stars could be contenders as the song's intended recipient, but if nothing else, this lightning rod track will surely succeed in continuing the dialogue about the power of artistry and making the most of one's message.

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