It’s Hard To Resist Kandace Springs’ ‘Forbidden Fruit’

kandace springs_forbidden fruit

How many times have you found yourself wanting someone who you can't have? While there may be a myriad of reasons of why said person remains out of reach, the feelings left in the wake can leave you feeling frustrated beyond words. Well, Kandace Springs, who just made her SoulBounce debut as one of the Bounce-Worthy artists featured last week, has managed to put the jumbled hot mess of emotions into eloquent words on her latest single, "Forbidden Fruit." Backed simply by strings and fender rhodes, Springs delivers a poignant ode to wanting what you just can't have. Her somber and melancholy vocals perfectly capture the feeling of hopelessness that often accompanies the inability to get that certain someone off your mind. Even if you are one of the lucky ones that have managed to escape being in such a dire predicament, it's hard to not hear the forlornness in her voice when she sings, "Forbidden fruit, why do I crave you? Why did God make you just to torture me?" But if you are amongst the number of us people who have been unfortunate enough to experience this, then it does take the edge off to know that someone out there knows exactly where you're coming from. "Forbidden Fruit" is the latest single taken off Springs' self-titled Blue Note debut, due out on September 30th.

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