Do Jamie Foxx & 2 Chainz Get The ‘Party’ Started?


Jamie Foxx has somehow earned a pass to act ratchet despite being a middle-aged man. Maybe it's because he won an Oscar. But that “crazy uncle” quality occasionally works in his favor, though, most notably with “Blame It,” which reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

In that vein of that young drunkenness comes “Party Ain’t a Party,” on which Foxx trades verses with 2 Chainz. It’s a track with a lot of promise, with a minimal funk guitar providing the bass line for what develops into a strip club joint produced by DJ Mustard. But this is one rap-sung collaboration that can’t quite achieve the uniqueness of “Unpredictable” … as its lyrics and subject matter are anything but.

Within the song, there are at least two references to twerking and even more commanding, “Turn around, girl, let me see you do it.” Not to mention partying in the hotel lobby and Puff Daddy-era bling, accented with some drinks in the VIP. The attempts to stay current instead sound dated.

Meanwhile, when 2 Chainz joins in, he serves only to be overwhelmed with the naked female form or candidly describes what he would love to do with a naked female.

And while Auto-Tune isn’t uncommon for Jamie, it’s a trick that seems to be an autocorrect for the guy who can sing decently if he so chooses. “Party Ain’t a Party” is likely part of some upcoming project, but here’s hoping that forthcoming efforts stay in the age-appropriate lane and that he showcases some more of his talent.

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