According To Joe, ‘If You Lose Her’ You Have Yourself To Blame


R&B crooner Joe is trying to put all of the men out there up on game and help their relationships out on his current single, "If You Lose Her," from the album Bridges. He channels his inner Steve Harvey minus the 13-button suits and breaks it down in the lyrics with the general sentiment that when it comes to a woman, a man never knows what he's got til she's gone. So the objective is to do right and hold on tight.

This four-minute relationship manual set to music gets a video that illustrates a couple obviously going through some changes that Iyanla can't even fix. Directed by Billie Woodruff, the clip co-stars world renown sand artist Kseniya Simonova who creates fascinating scenes out of sand of the once happy lovebirds while they interact in real life and separately watch Joe on stage at the historic Million Dollar Theatre in Los Angeles. They're the only ones in the theatre to see Joe perform and are seated apart with a few rows between them both listening to his soothing song. But by the time that the guy in question makes a move to sit with his lady and make amends, it turns out to be too little too late. Don't say that Joe didn't try to warn you, buddy.

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