You Will Not Make ‘Enemiesz’ With Kiesza Anytime Soon


If you haven't noticed already, ever since Kiesza unleashed her breakout single, "Hideaway," earlier this year, she has been on a continuous winning streak with her follow-up singles. "Giant In My Heart," "So Deep" and even her ballad rework of Haddaway's "What Is Love" have all made us raise our eyebrows and become unabashed fans of Kiesza here at SBHQ. Good news continues to roll in as Kiesza is all fired up once again on her latest sound creation, the purposely mistitled "No Enemiesz," and she isn't mincing words or slacking in the vocal department on this dance floor stunner.

Over the master blast of electrified piano house beats, Kiesza is singing her ever-loving rump off, capturing some flawlessly derived diva spirit that is nothing short of classy. "No Enemiesz" also lends to be the perfect lead-off to announce her upcoming debut album, Sound of a Woman, which is due to arrive October 21st in the US and November 17th for the UK crowd.

The striking simplicity of the cover art was revealed last week (dig on the nail art), but its contents should be what everyone will look forward too as Kiesza's one of the best vocalists working right now, and with her keen ear tapped to the sounds of '90s house, we're soon going to be blessed with a real banger of a collection. If you weren't ready for this Canadian songbird, then you need to not make yourself an enemy any longer as you catch up fully to the fire that Kiesza is setting.

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