Rahsaan Patterson Quenches Our Thirst With A Full Version Of ‘ForeverMyDarlin”

Rahasaan Patterson Mirrored Double

Last month, Rahsaan Patterson was in a teasing mood when he released an all-too-short snippet of his new track, "ForeverMyDarlin'." Featuring 57 seconds of pure heaven with just a vamp of a chorus and a few ad-libs, it wasn't nearly enough for fans of the singer, who were left thirsty for more. Now, over a month later, Rahsaan is back to quench that thirst with the full version of the track.

Rahsaan keeps the unfinished grit of the snippet (this take is labeled as a "#bootlegmix" on Rahsaan's SoundCloud page), but expands upon the initial idea, adding full verses to the sexy sentiment of the song. "I'm a little bit higher, game on / So break out the chains, turn up the flame, play with this fire," he sings during the first verse before promising his love more than they bargained for on the track's chorus. As if that suggestion wasn't hot enough, further into the song he invites Sonja Marie to lend a bit of smoky, sexy spoken word to heighten the mood near the track's end. Admittedly, we wish he had done just a tad bit more than simply loop the sample of  The O'Jays' "Darlin' Darlin' Baby" throughout the song. Still, he adds enough flavor with his undeniable vocal that we can't be too mad at what he's done here.

There's no word on whether "ForeverMyDarlin'" signifies that a brand new album is on the way from Rahsaan or if we'll get a more polished take on the track, but we'll gladly take new music from Mr. Patterson any way that we can get it. Speaking of getting it, get on his latest by pressing play right here.

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