Seinabo Sey Hits The Mark With Her ‘Pistols At Dawn’

Photo Credit: Hannah Parvaz

Photo Credit: Hannah Parvaz

It seems like Seinabo Sey is a singer for all seasons. Winter saw the release of “Younger,” and spring introduced us to “Hard Time.” With just over a month left until the fall release of her debut EP, Madeline, the Bounce-Worthy artist has released “Pistols at Dawn” just in time to close out the summer.

The song (once again produced by Magnus Lidehäll) spins a tragic tale of love gone cold. Clearly, there are some words left to be said, and the singer makes effective use of her resonant lower register to symbolize the impending battle that lies ahead. The instrumentals, background vocals and gunshot sound effects combine perfectly, painting a vivid picture of an epic duel in the wild, wild west -- tumbleweeds and all.  Lyrics like “Stand down or showdown, baby. Let’s get this done,” make it crystal clear that Ms. Sey has no intentions of keeping her weapon holstered and working things out. Put on some headphones and be prepared for multiple listens, because this track is killer. No pun intended.

Sadly, “Pistols at Dawn” isn’t available for purchase just yet, but you can listen right via SoundCloud while conveniently staying out of the line of fire.

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