Pack Your Bags & ‘Runaway’ With Brayton Bowman


Not a day goes by where I don't think about dropping everything and running away from it all. Just leaving all my work and woes behind, hopping into my car and driving wherever the wind (or how far my gas tank) can take me. No worries. No schedule. No bills to pay. Nothing but thrilling adventure ahead. Brayton Bowman shares the same type of wanderlust spirit on his new song "Runaway," where he proposes a tempting situation to his current bae over one of the funkiest sound backgrounds you'll hear this year.

If you need a recall, back in August we deemed Bowman, a singing/songwriting  talent out of Philly, a Bounce-Worthy artist on the rise as he made an impressive first impression with the sonic brilliance that was, "Jaywalk." Brayton continues to impress as "Runaway" is rhythmically enticing as it's loaded to the brim with tangled electric basslines and popcorn popping synths for an added funky flourish. Add to that, Bowman sings his rump off, stirring in that expressive yet silky tone of his into the aural gumbo, making it the perfect contrast and compliment to the kinetic beats.

Bowman has plans to release an EP entitled Here | Now by the Thanksgiving holidays, and you know us here at SBHQ can't wait to dig into that. So if you want to get away physically, mentally or just want to take off the various hats you wear daily, then "Runaway" is an anthem for all of those who are feeling a bit constricted in the here and now and who just want to freely be themselves, even if it is for one blissful moment.

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