Get Yourself A Sip Of Nikki Jean’s ‘Champagne Water’

Nikki Jean Hair Tied

With the release of her song "Summertime Girl" earlier this summer, your girl Nikki Jean promised that a new EP would be coming this fall. Looks like she's going to make good on that promise, as she just dropped her new single, and the EP's title track, "Champagne Water." On it, the former Nouveau Riche frontwoman might seem to be waxing just a tad blasphemous, spouting Jesus Christ as she describes situations that have very little to do with our Lord and Savior. But don't let that deter you, as "Champagne Water" is a rowdy jam worth listening to.

It's built on a shimmering, 808-laden groove that that bumps along as Nikki describes a couple of raucous party scenes that involve drinks, drugs and a few instances of taking the Lord's name in vain. But it's all in good fun, with Nikki's whispery voice gliding over the trap-inspired groove in her signature talk-singing way that makes even the grittiest of lyrics sound like sweet poetry. Meanwhile, Ab-Soul, the track's featured guest, keeps the party going with a verse that ties it all together nicely.

Champagne Water the EP is expected to drop next month. While we wait to see what else the set will bring,  Nikki is offering "Champagne Water" the single (which you can listen to below) as a free download on her SoundCloud page.

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