Kathy Sledge & Aristofreeks Want You To ‘Keep It Movin”


Kathy Sledge, the youngest and lead vocalist from the family act Sister Sledge, is back to making music again, but not as you would imagine. The R&B legend has recently collaborated with music producers Max Martire and Shanti Matkin of Aristofreeks on an electronic dance track that definitely has an European club groove.

"Keep It Movin'" is a high energy song with a pulsating beat by the Aristofreeks and vocals and lyrics by Ms. Sledge. At times, the heavy electronic and repetitive beat can drown out Kathy's pristine vocals, which is unfortunate because she is still a powerhouse vocalist. It's definitely well suited for the hardcore EDM fans, but it may be a bit much for fans of her previous work to get into. Personally, I think Kathy Sledge's voice would have been better suited for a more soulful house jam such as Jody Watley's recent house work.

Nonetheless, it is great that Kathy is still writing and making music. Take a listen to "Keep It Movin'" right here, and let us know what you think. Are you moving your body to this, or will you do as the song says and "Keep It Movin'"?

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