KING Brings An Acoustic Rendition Of ‘Hey’ To OkayPlayerTV

KING Okay Acoustic Still

It’s beginning to seem like the beautiful ladies of KING have begun to enjoy teasing us. This week, they linked up with the good people of OkayPlayer TV for an Okay Acoustic session where they shared a lovely live rendition of their song “Hey.” While they just gave us something similar with their NPR Music performance of “Supernatural,” they somehow manage to continue to bring the magic as they sing yet another stellar song from their beloved three-track The Story EP.

No matter how many times we hear these songs, the brilliant harmonies and delicate delivery will never cease to amaze us. Before breaking into song, Anita Bias, Paris and Amber Strother sat down to detail the meaning of the song and how it has a message of universal love. It’s all too perfect. Vibe out to this magical moment today and join us as we continue to wait for more information on their forthcoming full-length debut album.

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