It’s ‘Official,’ Prince Will Bring His ‘Art’ To ‘Saturday Night Live’ In November


Maybe Saturday Night Live can salvage their low ratings by allowing a little purple rain in their midst as it has been confirmed that none other than his Royal Badness will grace the 30 Rockefeller Center stage on November 1st.  This appearance, which marks Prince's third since 2006, comes in support of his latest solo album, Art Official Age, along with the debut release of his band 3RDEyeGirl, who will also be in attendance. Now if you haven't been much of an SNL fan recently, you might want to rethink that for one day as the episode will also feature former SNL cast member Chris Rock as host, marking his first appearance since 1996.

Of course, Prince had a little fun making this announcement on his Facebook page, as he made sure to attach a photo of Rock in Purple Rain apparel (taken from Grown Ups 2) leading one to believe that some Prince nostalgia will be spun into the upcoming episode. At press, there isn't word on what will occur, but one can just imagine the hilarity that might be in store. And since Prince has been frequently popping up in public, and has showed off his comedic chops on an episode of New Girl earlier this year, there is no telling if he'll make a sketch appearance or two. SNL has had a history of Prince parodies, most notably with Fred Armisen and the hilarious "The Prince Show" sketch, but we'll just have to (impatiently) wait and see what will be in store come next month.

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