MC Lyte Shows Us How To ‘Ball’


Could this be the return of female emcee? "Lyte As a Rock" rapper MC Lyte has returned, not that she really left, and she brings with her a new single featuring Brooklyn rapper/actress Lil Mama and Compton rapper AV and a video. Directed by Ron Yuan, the visuals for "Ball" start with Lyte in a Shanghai TV interview. After the host asks her what the single means to her, that's when the femcee unleashes her magic and explains how to "Ball." Lyte hasn't lost a rhyme, and she's keeping things positive in the track detailing her accomplishments and keeping things light with a few dancers, white background and single throne. The chorus gets to the point with AV rapping "I only follow a motto / And in that motto I trust / Never beat around the bush / Let's get straight to the punch...Let's get back to the money and ball." Both Lil Mama and AV add some fresh energy to the track, but MC Lyte can hold her own because like the velvet thrown suggests, she is hip hop royalty.

It's been 10 years since MC Lyte released new music but she recently collaborated with Common for the single "Dear John." What we love about Lyte is that we don't have to ask where she's been because we already know. The rapper has been the voice of BET for a while now, and we recently saw her getting down with Brandy, Queen Latifah and Yo-Yo at the BET Hip Hop Awards. We're hoping this is the beginning of a return with a new album in tow, but until then check out Lyte's latest video and learn how to "Ball."

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