Oran ‘Juice’ Jones Makes It ‘Rain’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’


While most of us would be satisfied with a card, a slice of cake and the big piece of chicken on their birthday, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel takes things a lot further. Last night he celebrated with a few million watchers of Jimmy Kimmel Live! who tuned in to see him cut up with Jim Carrey and Scandal stars Bellamy Young and Joshua Molina. The turn up didn't come until later in the show, however, when special musical guest Oran "Juice" Jones took to the stage to perform.

It turns out that Jones' Negro spiritual "The Rain" is one of Kimmel's favorite songs from the '80s, and he invited Juice and his crew to bring not just the song to life but parts of the music video as well. Jimmy suited up in a tuxedo and tails to join the other backup singers, but First Lady Mellie Grant got a more substantial role as the not-so-slick cheating girlfriend with Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo as the "alley cat coat-wearing, Hush Puppy shoe-wearing crumb cake."

From Juice's struggle vocals to his epic read that ends this classic, which he directed at Bellamy who gave quite a BET Award worthy acting job, the entire performance was a hilarious and beautiful mess. It may have been Jimmy Kimmel's birthday, but he gave viewers quite a gift with this madness.

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