Watch Lion Babe ‘Jump Hi’

Lion Babe Jump Hi Still

We waited a good minute for Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman, better known as Lion Babe, to deliver on the promise of "Treat Me Like Fire." And boy did they deliver when they dropped "Jump Hi" late last month. But the other half of the equation that made playing with "Fire" so alluring was the sexy video that the duo included with the project, so we were also looking forward to what they would be bringing visually this go 'round.

Well, wonder no more, as Lion Babe released the track's accompanying visuals to the Nina Simone-sampling joint. Focusing on the duo as the stylishly walk, traipse, and yes, jump around their native NYC. All the while, the camera can't help but focus on the beautiful Jillian, whose curly blond mane and good looks (she comes from Vanessa Williams' stock, after all) command all attention. Not that Lucas doesn't get a fair amount of shine as well, showcasing him shredding guitars and playing keys, letting it be known that he's the force behind the music.

It's a beautifully shot piece that's definitely nice to look at. In fact, the only thing that would make it better is if the track's featured artist, Childish Gambino, would've been available to film his verse. But hey, we're happy with what we got. Check out Lion Babe's latest cinematic moment right here.

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