Coultrain Delves Deep Into A Daydream On ‘The Reintroduction’


Coultrain is an artist that is never predictable but always complex. We've already been introduced to two singles ("Kiss of Death" and "Like a Dusty Piano") from his soon to be released project,  Side Effex of Make-Believe; divided for love's sake, and they've shown darker, heavy moods from the singer. Now, Coultrain is back with the third and final single from the project, "The Reintroduction."

On the mellow number, Coultrain reflects on a love that's left a mark. The love of a woman who's made him see a deeper level to intimacy and yet, who is somehow unattainable. In Coultrain's own words, "They say when a soul feels as though its vessel isn't moving in a way to allow it to grow out of it's shell, it cooperates with the forces of nature in an unseen realm.  She was the manifestation of that in this dimension. I fell, and saw everything anew.  I'll never have or forget her.  This is our story." The love sick singer's soulful vocals float over the dreamy guitar line and percussive beat, to create a reverie inducing tale that is hard to break free from.

Get caught up in Coultrain's tale on "The Reintroduction" and then head to Fresh Selects Bandcamp to pre-order your copy of Side Effex of Make-Believe; divided for love's sake before it's released on December 21st.

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