SoundTable Discussion: SoulBounce Celebrates The Glory Of D’Angelo’s ‘Black Messiah’


Butta: The transition from “Till It’s Done (TuTu)” to “Prayer,” though… The perfect coupling on Black Messiah.

D-Money: *Can’t say a word, so just waves his hands*

Butta: “Rocks back and forth right next to you in the pew*

D-Money: The way that D can play with the spiritual and the secular needs to be studied. Seriously. He’s one of the few that can do it without coming off as either too crass or too preachy. In anyone else’s hands, this would be clunky. And that guitar? Whooooo.

Butta: Yes! He takes us from the church seductress looking for her “Sugah Daddy” to this “soul prayer” in one fell swoop.

D-Money: Without us even blinking an eye. I mean, this solid instrumentation helps though. These drums, that bass and the electric guitar riff are giving me all kinds of life right now.

Butta: I am feeling some kinda way that this music makes me want to body roll and writhe around on the floor like a heathen to a straight up PRAYER. What has D’Angelo done to me?

D-Money: Body roll, sure. I dunno about writhe on the floor, though. You might need to take that up with your local pastor.

Butta: Come on, this music is so sexy it’s damn near carnal!

D-Money: Mmmhmm. *calls an exorcist* But seriously, this definitely has some carnal overtones. I’m sure a boho stripper is working on her twerk routine to this right now.

Butta: A boho stripper? I absolutively can’t.

D-Money: How do you think folks pay for all that shea butter and organic food? Shit’s expensive.

Butta: Forget twerkin’ for Berkin. They’re twerkin’ for a curlBox subscription.

D-Money: *muerto*

Butta: But I digress. “Prayer” has so many layers that reflect who D’Angelo is as an artist and person.

D-Money: Right. There’s gospel, funk, R&B, rock, jazz...all here forming this cohesive, spellbinding track. Definitely one of the highlights on an album full of them.

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