Timbaland Gives Us A Preview Of ‘UFO’ With Tink & André 3000

Timbaland Holding Microphone To Audience

Timbaland has been warning us about the heat that he’s bringing with Tink’s new album and his own forthcoming project Opera Noir for quite some time now. In case you weren’t a believer yet, the Virginia native producer took to his favorite live streaming website, HangWith, to let loose an extended preview of a promising collaboration between himself, his budding protégé Tink and Outkast star André 3000.

With a title like “UFO,” you would think the magical trio would be would be taking a trip to Mars. Instead, they're talking infidelity and finding out that their lovers have stepped out on them. Bouncing from Tim’s talk singing to a few bars from Andre and finally Tink blessing us with her sweet melody and harmonies, this track seems to be worth all of the hype. While we’ll have to settle for this low quality clip for now, we’re certainly looking forward to hearing the official version of “UFO” and whatever else Timbaland has cooking up for the near future.

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