Aaron Camper Gives Us His ‘Heart’ In Lyric Video


Aaron Camper takes his recent groovy single "My Heart" and turns it into an animated party in the lyric video. He just gave us a preview of the song back in October, but now you can listen to it in its entirety and learn the lyrics all at the same time. The song, written by PJ Morton and produced by Adam Blackstone and Warryn Campbell, is about a woman who makes Aaron's heart stop at the mere sight of her. The upbeat track gets animated visuals from Taylor Enzminger, who includes vibrant images and letters on top of a bright turquoise background. The video also features a heart that works double time to beat to the rhythm of the song.

While you help Aaron with his matters of the heart by singing along to the track karaoke-style at the top of your lungs, you can also download "My Heart" on iTunes and catch him performing this and other hits live at Amos' Southend on February 27th with Bilal and Eric Roberson. Until then, watch the lyric video and let us know if it moves you and your heart.

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