Gwen Stefani & Pharrell ‘Shine’ Together


Gwen Stefani has been testing our patience a tad, releasing a single here and another one there while we wait for her new solo album to reveal itself. In the mean time, the No Doubt frontwoman has been hamming it up with long-time friend and collaborator Pharrell Williams on NBC's The Voice and luckily in the studio, too. They already showed us how to "Spark The Fire" and now they've come back together for "Shine," a playful ditty for the soundtrack to the upcoming Paddington movie, which hits theatres on January 16th.

We all know Pharrell is no stranger to hit singles on movie soundtracks, cue "Happy," so when we listened to the "Shine" we already expected greatness. Gwen's vocals do in fact shine on the laid-back, horn and guitar-heavy track, and so do Pharrell's who provides a lovely falsetto at the end of the song. We're going to assume the song appears in the movie at a point where Paddington needs a pick-me-up as the chorus boasts Gwen singing "Shine!" while Pharrell and company scream "Hey!" in the background.

While "Shine" probably won't reach the heights of "Happy," the track is the perfect mix of throwback No Doubt and N.E.R.D. Check out the song right here, and let us know if it makes you want to shine or is too dull for your tastes.

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