Hot 16: SoulBounce’s Best Albums Of 2014


Mali Music Mali Is… [Amazon][iTunes][Google Play]

Mali Music has become a SoulBounce favorite because we appreciate his commitment to providing authentic, soulful music rooted in love and truth. Plus, this young man is beyond talented. His unique voice, ear for a good melody and skill for writing poetic lyrics show that he is the type of artist who takes his craft seriously and will be around for a long time. His major label debut, Mali Is..., showcased the singer's strength in writing positive messages that embody God's spirit and love without getting too religious or preachy. It's evident that Mali's love for God and spirituality was the foundation of this album, but he also dug into other topics such as finding companionship in the catchy "Heavy Love," overcoming life challenges in the soul-stirring "Walking Shoes" and standing up for equality in the reggae-infused track "One." As an artist who has been labeled as gospel and R&B, Mali does a great job at creating powerful and inspiring music that goes beyond those labels. -- Khayla

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