Hot 16: SoulBounce’s Best Albums Of 2014


Pharrell Williams G I R L [Review][Amazon][iTunes][Google Play]

Have you heard of a little ditty called “Happy”? The song with the 24-hour music video? I think it was even featured in a movie. Of course you have! In 2014, “Happy” was the song that wouldn’t end. We loved it, hated it, then loved it all over again. However, in addition to that one tune, Pharrell Williams managed to create nine other songs for his LP, G I R L. Inspired by the finer sex, in addition to the signature sounds of some of music’s greatest, Williams delivered a solid LP that kept us on the dance floor throughout 2014. We couldn’t help but hum along to “Brand New” and adopt the phrase, “ the tag’s still on me,” as our own. We were caught off guard, yet enchanted, by the combination of salacious lyrics and throwback Michael Jackson vibe of “Gush.” And yes! That damn “Happy” song, with its down south gospel choir background vocals and drums, made us happy, even if it’s that last thing we wanted to be. -- Ken Hamm

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