Hot 16: SoulBounce’s Best Songs Of 2014


Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk” [Listen][Amazon][iTunes]

Inspired by the era when groups like The Time reigned supreme, mega producer and musician Mark Ronson enlisted the oh-so adorable Bruno Mars on "Uptown Funk." Mark masterfully created an instant jam with a funky bassline and guitar along with a strong horn section that perfectly mirrored the classic funk and soul records from the '70s and '80s. As Bruno sang fun lyrics that oozed braggadocio, his cadence and attitude also embodied the swagger of The Time's leading man, Morris Day. "Uptown Funk" is a definite party starter, which is evident in every time Mark, Bruno and the crew perform the song. If you're familiar with Bruno and his band, The Hooligans, you know that they go all out with their performances and are not afraid the cut a rug. Watching Bruno and the fellas dance in decked out colorful suits and alligator shoes that your uncle wore back in the day is the icing on the cake. -- Khayla

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