Raheem DeVaughn’s ‘Temperature’s Rising’ Just For You

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

Photo Credit: Keith Estep

The Love King Raheem DeVaughn already crowned his "Queen," but that's not all that he has in store for her. On his follow-up single, "Temperature's Rising," DeVaughn breaks down how hot he is for his leading lady and what he plans to do with all that energy.

Taking a page out of R. Kelly's playbook, Raheem interpolates some lyrics and the melody from "It Seems Like You're Ready" for the title and chorus of this new track with equally sensual results. Raheem takes notes from the 1993 hit from 12 Play, but he spins his own tale of the many ways that his woman has made his temperature and other body parts rise to the occasion. Filled with metaphors galore and a steady synth line throughout, "Temperature's Rising" is another song to add the collection of Raheem DeVaughn slow jams to set the mood when it's time to get down to business behind closed doors.

We'll see what else the Love King has in store for his loyal subjects when his new album, Love, Sex, Passion, drops on February 17th. If this new set is anything like 2013's delectable A Place Called Love Land, then his fans are in for a treat -- and quite possibly a baby boom come this November and December.

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