Terrace Martin Jams Solo In ‘For Ever With You’ Music Video


You never quite know what to expect from the multitalented multi-instrumentalist Terrace Martin. After all, this is a dude who stripped Drake and Jhené Aiko’s “From Time” down to its bare, jazzy minimum with his saxophone-only rendition of their playful back-and-forth. He’s also the man who can pitch in on a party, West Coast style, as proven in the Ty Dolla $ign-assisted video clip for “You’re the One.”

This time, the vocoder comes out on “For Ever With You,” which just got the video treatment. With an intro initially reminiscent of 112’s “Cupid,” “For Ever With You” features the rapping crooner (or crooning rapper?) jamming solo in his own personal space. Be it while playing the keys, serenading a microphone or playing the blues on the sax, at times a shiny disco ball spins in the center of the room, emitting specks of sparkle throughout the studio or well-stored record collection where Martin performs and is entertained, since he seems to be the only one in the clip.

No wonder he’s ready to become a twosome with that special someone. The love song from his recent release Times is handclap-filled feel-goodness, demanding and getting a head nod in agreement for all those who groove to its smooth melody — feelings instantly felt when watching the low-maintenance video.

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