Aloe Blacc & Blackstreet Join Forces To Perform ‘No Digitty’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Aloe Blaccstreet On  Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel is continuing to bring life back to Mondays with his late night talk show Jimmy Kimmy Live! and its new “Mash Up Mondays” musical series. He first brought together Weezer and ZZ Top as Wee-Z Top, blended Morris Day and The Time with Haim to bring us Morris Day and the Haim, and this week he turned things up a notch by matching Aloe Blacc with legendary '90s R&B band Blackstreet as Aloe Blaccstreet. How clever is that? Somebody on Kimmel’s staff needs a raise for these musical shenanigans.

Aloe Blaccstreet kicked off their performance by having Aloe offering an appetizer and teaching a lesson as he crooned Bill Withers’ classic song “Grandma Hands,” which is the original song that was sampled for this moment’s main dish, “No Diggity.” After the beat dropped, the Blackstreet boys ran on stage and reminded the world why they were once considered R&B kings. Teddy Riley, Dr. Dre and Queen Pen were nowhere to be found, but the boys kicked game quite well as they killed the verses and ad-libs while allowing Aloe to handle the chorus every time it came back around. We’re not sure who Kimmel’s last Mash Up Monday guests will be next week, but they certainly have big shoes to fill.

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